Breeder Pack (375g Can + 12 x 27g Sachets)
Breeder Pack (375g Can + 12 x 27g Sachets)
Breeder Pack (375g Can + 12 x 27g Sachets)

Breeder Pack (375g Can + 12 x 27g Sachets)

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The Di-Vetelact ‘Breeder Pack’ contains 1 x 375g can and 12 x 27g sachets of Di-Vetelact Original Nutritional Milk.

Perfect to support the nutritional needs of your pregnant and lactating animal as well as weaning and supplementation support for infants.

Add one sachet into every new home pack for peace of mind - world class nutrition that’s beneficial for your growing puppy and kitten and gentle on the tummy while she settles into her new home.

Di-Vetelact® Original is a scientifically formulated, nutritionally complete Milk Replacer suitable for puppy and kitten neonates.

And a comprehensive Nutritional Supplement providing essential vitamins and minerals at every stage of life, from puppies and kittens to pregnant, performance and elderly cats and dogs.

RRP $70.99
Breeder Club Price $22.99 (includes shipping)

Milk Replacer & Nutritional Support

Di-Vetelact Original Nutritional Milk formula contains 25 vitamins and minerals, and 18 essential amino acids in a perfectly balanced fat-to-carbohydrate energy ratio.
This Nutritional Milk Formula, made from Australian and New Zealand Dairy, is low lactose to enhance the bioavailability, absorption, and utilisation of nutrients.

Your animal will thrive from birth, infancy and through all life stages into their senior years.

Nutritionally Complete Milk Replacer for
Orphan or Early Weaned Animals

Comprehensive Nutritional Supplement for
Pre-natal, Pregnant and Lactating Animals
Growing and Developing Animals
Aging and Elderly Animals
Convalescing, recuperating Animals
Work or Show Animals

Daily Goodness

Di-Vetelact Nutritional Milk is a functional product empowering animal owners to be able to feed with confidence and with ease.
It provides important vitamins and minerals as well as amino and fatty acids essential for health and well being.
The fat to carbohydrate energy ratio is supplied in a balanced formulation that allows the carer to easily regulate the feeding schedule.

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Nutritionally Complete

Di-Vetelact is the only Milk Replacer to be certified to Australian Standard AS5812 for the Manufacturing and Marketing of Pet Food. 

As a certified member of PFIAA, Di-Vetelact supports excellence in pet food nutrition and industry standards.

Certification ensures gold standard delivery of our product, from sourcing materials and ingredients, to receipt and storage of ingredients, processing, packing, and labelling to assure safety for animals.

Wombat being fed Di-Vetelact Original Milk Supplement

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