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Illustrated rolling green hills banner.

Breeders Club

Want to join our Breeders Club?

Di-Vetelact® has proudly supported the nutritional needs of pregnant and lactating animals, infant animals, and show animals for over 40 years. 

It's is our passion to ensure we provide you with a reliable, premium quality product to support your special animal during these times. 

The Di-Vetelact® Breeder Cub will offer special pricing, direct service, puppy and kitten samples and access to news and offers.

Currently available to Australian Dog and Cat breeders. 

Criteria for Eligibility

- Abide by kennel and breeding standards as defined by your governing body, and in accordance with any state, federal, council or country laws, especially in relation to animal welfare. 

- Hold current or financial membership and a registered breeding prefix with an approved breeding registry organisation