Illustrated rolling green hills with wombat, dog, cat, and horse
Illustrated rolling green hills with wombat and dog.

The Science to Thrive Since 1974

Whole of Life Nutritional Care

From Birth For All of Life

Nutritional Milk

Di-Vetelact Nutritional Milk For Animals, is a Scientifically Formulated, Nutritionally Complete Milk Replacer for Mammal and Marsupial Neonates.

Comprehensive Nutrition for Animals at All Life Stages.

This delicious, easily digested low lactose formula is fortified with prebiotics and 25 vitamins and minerals to support the growth, development, health and vitality of animals from infancy through to senior years.

Illustrated rolling green hills with dog, cat, and koala Illustrated rolling green hills with dog, cat, and koala

Nutritional benefits

Essential Vitamins & Minerals

Di-Vetelact specialises in Vitaminology, the chemistry and function of vitamins.

Our proprietary blend contains 25 vitamins and minerals, and is scientifically formulated with our trademarked Low Lactose Dairy Blend to enhance the bioavailability, absorption and utilisation of nutrients.

Di-Vetelact Nutritional Milk is a functional product, empowering animal owners to be able to feed with confidence and with ease.

The fat to carbohydrate energy ratio is supplied in a balanced formulation that allows the carer to easily regulate the feeding schedule.

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Nutritionally Complete

Di-Vetelact is the only Milk Replacer to be certified by PFIAA to Australian Standard AS5812 for the Manufacturing and Marketing of Pet Food. 

As a certified member of PFIAA, Di-Vetelact supports excellence in pet food nutrition and industry standards.

Certification ensures gold standard delivery of our product, from sourcing materials and ingredients, to receipt and storage of ingredients, processing, packing, and labelling to assure safety for animals.

Benefits of Di-Vetelact

Gut health & digestion icon

Gut Health & Digestion

Vitamin A, Vitamin B2 and Zinc for integrity of digestive lining and mucus membranes. Potassium for optimum digestive function and utilisation of nutrients. Fructooligosaccharides as prebiotic fibre to support beneficial gut bacteria. Low lactose and Natural Whey Protein

Quality of hooves & nails icon

Quality of Hooves & Nails

Biotin, Sulphur and Zinc for strong healthy hooves and nails

Heart function icon

Heart Function

Calcium, Potassium and Taurine (*meets requirements for Cats) for normal cardiac function

Performance & recovery icon

Performance & Recovery

Sodium and Chloride to maintain correct electrolyte balance. Potassium and Magnesium for nerve and muscle function. Pantothenic acid and Choline for transmission of nerve impulses. Isoleucine, Leucine and Valine for energy production

Our Core Values

Number 1


To produce premium, high quality products based on the latest nutritional and veterinary research.

The Di-Vetelact Story

Di-Vetelact's founder Mike Sharpe.

Where it began

In 1974 Mike Sharpe formulated the groundbreaking low lactose, nutritious milk products - DiGestelact® and De-Lact Infant®.

Di-Vetelact® for animals was then developed as a low lactose milk supplement to match average crude ratios of mammal milk.

Since that time Australian vets, wildlife carers, breeders, rescuers and pet owners have relied on our product to support infant, growing, pregnant and lactating, convalescing and elderly animals.

This lil beastie was raised on Di-Vetelact and she loved bottle time! She's released now and living her best little life! Her name is Boots and she's a Tasmanian pademelon!


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