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Baby joey being held


This lil beastie was raised on Di-Vetelact and she loved bottle time! She's released now and living her best little life! Her name is Boots and she's a Tasmanian pademelon!

Baby Mouse being held


I completely forgot to mention that @di_vetelact_animal_care sent out some samples for us to try and Etee switched onto them this week and it has made a massive difference to his development and fur growth, thankyou guys ❤️❤️

Kangaroo joey being fed Di-Vetelact Original Milk Supplement

WildCare Alice Springs

I’ve been using Di-Vetelact for kangaroos, starting with DiGestelact since the mid 1970’s. Cynthia Lynch

Happy sleepy koala

Magnetic Island Koala Hospital

Bunyip the baby koala is the picture of contentment after his milk 🧡

Puppies drinking Di-Veletact Original formula from a feeding bowl

Monika Dog Rescue

Sound up ⬆️ Our ‘Coffee’ litter looove @di_vetelact_animal_care formula nom nom nom 😋. Mothers milk is always best , but as these guys were left to fend for themselves at the pound, @di_vetelact_animal_care comes a close second!

Kitten feeding with Di-Vetelact formula banner.

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