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Di-Vetelact Nutritional Milk For Animals is manufactured in Sydney Australia, in an SQF certified facility under quality management systems. We use only premium quality Australian and New Zealand dairy ingredients. So you can be assured it is safe and high quality.

Our formulation was developed by food scientist Mike Sharpe, a world leader in advanced medical nutrition.
Mike oversaw the development of successful pharmaceutical nutrition products such as Danone Aptamil Gold and De-Lact Infant Formulas.
He applied the same superior standards to development and implementation of Di-Vetelact that we continue today.

Di-Vetelact has a new look and a new name in 2024. Di-Vetelact Original is now packaged as Di-Vetelact Nutritional Milk.

Rest assured, it's the same great formulation you know and love, now with added prebiotics.

All our ingredients are sourced from Australian suppliers under strict product certification in accordance with Australian Agriculture Bio Security laws. Our premium dairy ingredients are all sourced from Australian and New Zealand dairy farms.

We know animals love the flavour because they take to Di-Vetelact well.
This is the result of our excellent formulation, manufacturing and premium grade ingredients.
Di-Vetelact is easy to mix and has a smooth consistency. The single product makes it easy for the carer to provide consistent and ongoing nutrition.

How to Use

Our goal at Di-Vetelact is to produce premium quality products that are simple to use, while delivering optimum nutrients to the animal in your care.

Di-Vetelact has always recommended a dilution of 1 scoop: 60mL water. This is suitable for all mammals and marsupials from infancy.

Our veterinary nutrition experts have worked closely with carers over the past few years to further develop our feeding recommendations to ensure they are optimal for every animal.

As a result, we have re-introduced Dilution A and B and developed a more comprehensive feeding schedule. You will find this on pack and on our website under the relevant animal feeding guide.

On our Marsupial feeding guide online, we do specify 4 graduating dilutions for Marsupials at different growth phases.

Rest assured the Di-Vetelact Nutritional Milk formula is the same as the Di-Vetelact Original you have been using for the last few years - now with added prebiotics.

Where to Buy

You can purchase Di-Vetelact Nutritional Milk from all good pet stores (retail and online), vets and produce stores. Visit our stockists page to find one near you.

General Questions

Di-Vetelact is the only Milk Replacer to be certified by PFIAA to Australian Standard AS5812 for the Manufacturing and Marketing of Pet Food. 

We have developed Di-Vetelact Nutritional Milk as a functional product. It's formulated to match mammal milk composition that would be produced in a optimal forage rich, transeasonal climate.

Di-Vetelact Nutritional Milk is a single formula to be used across all growth stages. This is beneficial to the carer and the animals as there is no required transition period associated with changing formulas, and greatly reduces the risk of nutritional and physiological stress on the animal in care.

It contains the correct ratios and varieties of fatty acids, amino acids, sugars, prebiotics, vitamins and minerals in an easily digested masterful formulation.

Di-Vetelact Nutritional Milk sits within a range of crude ratios so that it can be used successfully for all mammals and marsupials through all growth stages while being cared for in a controlled feeding environment.

Di-Vetelact Nutritional Milk is still made by the Sharpe Family as it always has been. It was developed over 45 years ago by Mike Sharpe, then of Sharpe Laboratories Pty Ltd.
The business is now managed by family members Sally Irvin and Fleur Sharpe all with a shared goal to ensure Di-Vetelact remains on the market as your favourite low lactose milk supplement for animals at every life stage.

The weight of the Di-Vetelact 900g can is now 850g. 

The reason for this, is so we can easily fit the Di-Vetelact scoop inside the can at point of manufacture. During the manufacturing and packing process the Di-Vetelact powder is very fluffy and with 900g, it can be difficult to fit the scoop inside.

This not a marketing ploy, at Di-Vetelact we do our best to supply our Australian made and owned quality product to you with honesty and integrity.

As such, we sell this product to our distributers at a reduced price directly reflective of the reduced powder volume so the retailers can pass this price reduction onto you. 

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